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Sponsor a Dog
Southern Ontario Animal Rescue (SOAR) is pleased to present our new Sponsorship Program. For just $5 a month, you can help us pay for vet and kennel bills of the dogs we rescue and help find them a forever home. Scroll down to fill out the form!


As you can imagine, many of them come to us with several medical conditions so we ensure the dogs are healthy and that they pass a temperament test before placing them in the loving home of an adoptive family.


Your sponsorship benefits include:
SOAR monthly newsletter emailed to you which includes pictures and stories of dogs you helped rescue and information on upcoming SOAR events (if you don’t want to be part of this mailing list, then you can select not to receive the newsletter when your package arrives)


Advance notice/registration of all of S.O.A.R.’s educational seminars & events, including discounted registration fees upon presentation of your sponsorship card
Exclusive invitation to S.O.A.R.’s members-only events
Annual tax receipt
Comfort in knowing you helped saved an animals life!


If you know of any businesses who would like to offer our sponsors discounts, special offers or a general charitable donation then please let us know as well.


Other ways to sponsor
You can sponsor a dog with S.O.A.R. through PayPal or CanadaHelps.org.


To use CanadaHelps.org, please click here and fill in the form for the amount and whether it’s a one-time or recurring payment


Can’t adopt or foster? Still want to help? Why not sponsor a dog!
Many of you have let us know that you’d like to help, but just aren’t in a position to adopt or foster at the moment. Now you can still help by sponsoring an dog in our care!


Just click one of the buttons below to help feed, shelter or vaccinate a rescued dog. Then, along with an official tax-deductible receipt, we’ll send you a picture of the dog that is benefitting from your generosity, along with an introductory letter with their story, as well as how your donations help, and a monthly update of how they are doing, right up until they are adopted!


Some of these dogs come to us in terrible condition and desperately need your help. Please help us help these dogs and sponsor one today! Just click one (or more) of the buttons below. The dogs will thank you.


Please note that all sponsor amounts are charged to you only once. They are NOT recurring billings.


Weekly Shelter
Due to the lack of Foster Homes, it is sometimes necessary to shelter a rescued dog in a kennel. However, for us, this is an expensive option and not one we can always manage. We hate having to turn away dogs, and do our best to take as many as we can, but with our limited funds, sometimes it’s just not feasible. Please help us save an dog by giving it a week of shelter at the kennel for only $75.00.


Monthly Shelter
Or, if you are able, help us give an dog a month of shelter for only $300.00.


Food for a Month
Just $45.00 per month feeds a foster dog. The majority of these dogs come to us severely underweight, some to the point of emaciation. We can usually count their ribs and, sometimes, the vertebrae along their spines! Help us feed these starving creatures by clicking the button on the left.


Vaccinate An Dog
Most of these dogs have never even seen a vet, let alone had their shots. For just $45.00, you can help immunize a foster dog against deadly diseases such as rabies, parvovirus, and heartworm, as well as all the regular vaccinations they should get.


Wellness Exam
As SOAR takes in senior dogs and strays, a wellness exam tells us how strong their internal organs are, as well as alerting us to any underlying or “invisible” problems. This blood test and vet exam costs approximately $50.00.


Heartworm Test & Preventive Medication
As most dogs come to us unvaccinated, it is imperative we have them checked for this deadly parasite and take measures to ensure they don’t end up wih them. The average cost for the blood work and preventive medication is only $100.00 — not a lot when you consider the life it will save.


Sterilization (Spay/Neuter)
A donation of $200.00 will help us support spaying & neutering; which in turn helps to break the cycle of pain and misery caused by uncontrolled dog births. ALL dogs over 6 months of age are sterilized by SOAR before being adopted out.


Rescue a Dog
Your donation of $500.00 will help rescue one dog by covering all of the above expenses SOAR takes on each and every time we bring a dog into our program.


Other Amount
ANY amount is always gratefully received; however, we can only give tax receipts for donations of $10.00 or more