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Foster Homes


Foster Homes Desperately Needed

Foster homes are the most important part of rescue. Without these generous homes, we would not be able to help dogs in need. We require loving homes that will be able to provide patience and a safe place. Most animals have often had some horrible episodes in their past, such as abuse or abandonment.


Foster homes need to be able to help these animals become socialized and well-mannered, in order to live as well thought-of members of their community.


Fostering is a serious responsibility. SOAR is extremely thorough and diligent in screening foster applications; ensuring they will be a place of safety for our rescued dogs.


For more information on our Fostering Program, please download our Foster brochure by clicking here.


Is Fostering For You? Answer the following questions and find out!
1. Are you willing to divide your attention between other pets and the rescued dog?


2. Will your current pets accept the rescued dog?


3. Are you willing to accept a dog with possible nervous behaviours?


4. When the time comes, will you be able to give the foster dog to its new owner?


Being a foster home is a major responsibility, yet the rewards are great! Experiencing the joy of saving the life of an animal by providing a foster home is a phenomenal feeling!


If you are interested in becoming a foster home, please fill out our on-line foster application or download an application here. Only serious applicants, please. Caring for a rescue dog is not easy — it requires time, effort, and lots of love and patience.


S.O.A.R. covers all related costs for our foster homes, such as veterinary care & food.


Dogs Available for Fostering
Please email us for dogs needing fostering.


A Few More Things To Think About When Fostering:
A rescue needs a lot of love and attention. You must be prepared to share the time you presently spend with your own pets. Please give the time commitment involved serious thought. If your current pet is special needs or requires more exercise and care than most, please give special consideration to this before you apply.


“Pack hierarchy” behavior is to be expected. However, if you have cats, be aware that they may not get along at first. We will help you to integrate the dog into your home.


Many rescued dogs have experienced either emotional or physical trauma. Some have never received any training. Being a foster for a rescue dog requires extra patience and work!